What relatives, friends, professionals to call, and what are their numbers?
What medicines and allergies must be considered for emergency medical care?
Are there existing medical conditions?
What is the health insurance information?
Is there a health care directive?  Where is it?
Is there a power of attorney?
Is there long term care insurance?  Where/what?
Are there prepaid funeral arrangements?  Burial or cremation?
How many death certificates to order?
Where are the details for writing an obituary?
What type of funeral or other service?
Music, Bible verses, flowers, causes, officiant/speakers?
A wake or visitation?
A gravestone, epitaph, or special place for ashes?
Is there a will and/or trust?  Where?
Is there a safe deposit box?
Is there life insurance?  Where and what?
What are the other insurance policies, and where are they kept? 
What are the credit cards, bank and other financial accounts?
What about a mortgage or other loan?
Where are the vehicle titles?  Maintenance information?
Where are financial and tax records? Who has helped with those?
What about birth certificate, social security card, marriage certificate, passport?
What to do with a pet?
What are the online accounts and passwords for Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Netflix, online photo storage, airline an hotel reward programs, etc.
What are all of the assets and liabilities?
How does money regularly flow in and go out each month, and especially what are the automatic recurring payments (utilities, phone, internet, trash, credit cards, insurance, etc. Is there an appliance home maintenance program?
How do unique things work around the home, and with vehicles?